Actor Michael Madsen Officially Charged with DUI


Via Wikipedia: Michael Madsen DUI

After his DUI in September, actor Michael Madsen has officially been charged with two counts of drunk driving in the state of California. Madsen is known for his appearances in many Quentin Tarantino flicks.

Madsen was busted in September while driving around in his Pontiac GTO (with painted flames on the side, mind you) and his BAC registered at .20. This is almost twice the legal limit.

Having a high BAC during your arrest is known as an aggravating circumstance and can result in harsher penalties. According to TMZ, Madsen could face two years in prison. However, we doubt that would happen as his attorney told TMZ that they plan on defending the CA DUI charges.

If Madsen is convicted, we’re sure he’d qualify for probation, which would mean he would have to participate in alcohol treatment, pay heavy fines and get his driver’s license suspended.

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