Chicago Bears’ Evan Rodriguez Gets DUI

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Evan Rodriguez DUI

The fullback for the Chicago Bears, Evan Rodriguez, has been arrested for driving under the influence in Chicago. This is his second arrest within a few months and Rodriguez made a statement expressing his remorse over his poor decision-making.

Rodriguez was arrested for driving under the influence at a traffic stop early Friday morning. He was stopped at I-90 near Hubbard.

This arrest comes just mere months after a former arrest in Florida. Rodriguez was arrested for resisting an officer and disorderly intoxication. This arrest came as a result of a traffic incident, but Rodriguez was a passenger.

“I am deeply sorry for the incident that occurred the other night,” Rodriguez states. “I want to apologize to the entire Bears organization, my teammates, coaches and Bears fans everywhere. I realize I made a very poor decision. I know that more is expected of me, and that I let a lot of people down that are counting on me. I will make positive changes in my life so that this doesn’t happen again.”

Oftentimes after a DUI, an offender can avoid jail if they promise to seek treatment and attend traffic classes. However, the best way to avoid jail after a DUI arrest is to hire an attorney to help you get a better outcome. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, find an attorney today and see how you can avoid jail.

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