Don’t Get a DUI This Holiday Weekend


Labor Day Weekend is typically when many of us have one final hurrah before summer comes to a close. Guess what? The police know it. That’s why troopers across the country are having a DUI crackdown this weekend, so you better be prepared to see extra patrols and DUI checkpoints.

Here are ways you can avoid a DUI this Labor Day Weekend.

Drink non-alcoholic beverages.

Having a beer at a BBQ can be tempting, but if you are getting behind the wheel, abstaining from drinking is the best way to prevent a DUI.

Have taxi or driver services apps and numbers on your phone.

This way, if you do feel you can’t drive, you won’t have to scramble to find a local cab company to take you home.

Trust your instincts.

If, deep down, you feel you shouldn’t be getting behind the wheel, trust your gut. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Have plenty to eat.

Drinking on an empty stomach can get you intoxicated quicker. Be healthy and safe.

Obey all traffic laws.

Don’t take any risks behind the wheel. Police are more likely to pull you over for a traffic infraction. It is after they pull you over where they can detect if you’re driving under the influence.

If you do get arrested for a DUI, contact a DUI lawyer right away.

DUI charges can result in a license suspension, expensive fines and even jail time. However, these punishments can be avoided if you hire an experienced DUI attorney to fight your charges.

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend!

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