DUI Checkpoints This Weekend: CA, IN, VA


With St. Patrick’s Day approaching and other festivities throughout the month of March, you should expect to see the police out in full force trying to nab drunk drivers.

1800DUILaws.com has a list of DUI checkpoints that have been announced. Check to see if there’s a sobriety checkpoint taking place near you!

Remember, a DUI arrest is different from a DUI conviction! If you do get arrested for a DUI this weekend, be sure to contact an experienced DUI attorney as soon as you can. Be sure to visit 1800DUILaws.com to find a local and experienced DUI attorney who is waiting to help you!

Lake Forest, IL Considering Towing Fee for DUI Offenders

04/16/14 5:52 PM

Lake Forest, Illinois officials are considering charging DUI offenders with a $500 fee to tow their car after a DUI arrest. There are already other fees that occur when you are arrested for a DUI. There are required fines you …

DUI Offender Spits on Police Officers

04/15/14 10:46 PM

It’s always best to be cooperative with police officers if you’re getting arrested for a DUI. Getting belligerent or acting angry can cost you. Oftentimes, additional charges come up if you act aggressive toward the police officer. This exact situation …

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