DWI Arrests Increase in St. Louis – Attorney Lenny Kagan Can Help


DWI Attorney Lenny kagan

CBS St. Louis is reporting that drunk driving arrests became a major problem in the St. Louis area this holiday season. Because DWI laws are known for being harsh in the St. Louis area, it is absolutely necessary to get an experienced MO DWI attorney like Lenny Kagan to fight your charges.

This past holiday season, not including NYE mind you, there were 130 DWI arrests. Last year, St. Louis area police made 56 DUI arrests.

A lot of factors could come into play to determining the cause of increase in DUI arrests. It’s not just an increase of negligent people making poor choices.  It could be due to an increased budget and a bigger number of patrols.

Nonetheless, if you got arrested for a DWI in St. Louis recently, it is absolutely necessary to find an attorney who specializes in MO DWI laws. DWI Lawyer Lenny Kagan fits this bill.

By looking at Lenny Kagan’s credentials, you should get a good idea of the quality of drunk driving defense you need to get in order to successfully fight your St. Louis DWI charges.

An understanding of MO DWI Laws.

Not only is there a legal knowledge of DWI laws, but a skilled MO DWI defense attorney has a scientific understanding as well. You will find that attorneys who specialize in DWI defense have an understanding of how the body responds to alcohol as well as knowledge of the law and adept arguing skills. DWI Attorney Lenny Kagan is equipped with both the scientific understanding and legal knowledge to help him excel at his profession and, more importantly, to help his clients get their St. Louis DWI charges reduced or dropped altogether.

A good relationship with the St. Louis Court.

If you want results after fighting a St. Louis drunk driving charge, you want an attorney who has a good relationship with your county’s court. DWI Attorney Lenny Kagan not only was an assistant prosecuting attorney, he continues to volunteer his time as a speaker for newly admitted US citizens at the Federal Courthouse in downtown St. Louis. He managed to create positive relationships with the staff at the court and this can only help you as the judge determines the outcome of your DUI case.

A law practice with an emphasis in defending St. Louis DWI cases.

Defense attorney Lenny Kagan devotes a huge portion of his law practice to defending DWI cases. You want an attorney with a lot of experience fighting DWI cases, not someone who dabbles in defending drunk driving cases every now and then.  If you’ve been pulled over for drunk driving in St. Louis or St. Charles counties, DWI Attorney Lenny Kagan is here to fight cases exactly like yours.

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