Guest Post: Why DUI Checkpoints?


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Question: Why are DUI Checkpoints utilized by Police when arrest statistics are so low?

Although it may seem counter intuitive to announce the location and timing of Police DUI Checkpoints, checkpoints are actually a public service to reduce DUI arrests by raising public awareness. The realistic goal of checkpoints is to encourage drunk drivers to seek alternate forms of transportation, and to increase public safety.

The typical checkpoint costs roughly $10,000, with a staff of at least nine (eight officers and one clerical records keeper). Operational funding is usually from federal grants.

The most recent checkpoint in San Luis Obispo saw 1,368 vehicles with 684 stopped by police. Police issued 12 citations for suspended licenses (or no license at all), and conducted three arrests for DUI.

The following evening Santa Maria police screen 217 vehicles out of the 1,750 vehicles that passed through. By the end of the evening police issued 11 citations for suspended or no license, but did not conduct a single DUI arrest. The resulting cost for the holiday period was about $4,000 per DUI arrest.

Santa Maria Police report that alcohol related accidents are reduced by 20% when checkpoints are conducted with sufficient frequency and with public awareness.

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