Josh Brent Likely to Face DUI Manslaughter Charges


It’s been a very sad past couple of days for the NFL following the death of the Dallas Cowboy’s practice-squad linebacker, Jerry Brown.

Josh Brent DUI Manslaughter via Wikipedia

This past Friday, Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent got into a fatal drunk driving accident that ended up taking the life of Brown, who was also Brent’s long-time friend since college.

Josh Brent is currently facing intoxication manslaughter charges which could result in many years in prison.

This certainly is a sad day for the players, friends, family and fans of the Dallas Cowboys. A DUI is a preventable tragedy that unfortunately happens too often.

Currently, the NFL is considering putting more effort into preventing more accidents like this.

What do you think? Should the NFL responsible for the crimes made by its players?

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