Man Gets DUI . . . in the Ocean


Surf’s up! Literally!

A man in Hawaii was arrested for a DUI this past Saturday after police realized that this man drove his truck into the Pacific Ocean.

Norman Akana was drunk driving on Lydgate Beach in Kauai where he managed to drive his Ford pickup all the way into the ocean. This means he drove off the road, over sand and into water. Not only that, he drove his car deep into the ocean. Check it out:

We’re curious as to when Akana realized he wasn’t driving on the road anymore.

Needless to say, police arrived to the scene to find Akana uninjured, but probably a little soaked. We wonder if the field sobriety test involved swimming…

Akana was arrested for driving under the influence, refusal to submit to a BAC test and reckless driving.

Look, your DUI doesn’t need to make the local news in order to be constituted as “embarrassing”. The truth is everyone feels some sort of shame after a DUI. It’s understandable.

However, the smartest thing you can do after a situation like this is lawyer up. Don’t go into court unrepresented. Always hire an attorney who has your best interest in mind. To find a DUI attorney today, fill out this simple form and get started fighting your charges.

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