More July 4 DUI Checkpoints in CA and TN

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July 4

San Diego County will be holding Operation Safeguard to avoid alcohol-related deaths over the holiday weekend. The entire county will be holding DUI checkpoints and roving patrols for the next five days, beginning today.

In addition to patrolling for drunk drivers, police will also be on lookout for any violations to social host and house party laws. If police suspect that a house party is serving alcohol to underage attendees, action will be taken.

Nashville, TN will be having a “no refusal” weekend beginning Wednesday, July 3 at 6pm and it will last until Sunday at midnight.

A no-refusal weekend means that drivers cannot refuse to take a BAC test, particularly a blood test, if the police suspect the particular driver to be under the influence. Refusing a BAC test will result in severe penalties, most likely a mandatory license suspension.

If you get arrested for a DUI this July 4, it will likely put a damper on your celebrations. However, things can be a whole lot worse if you choose to accept your charges and plead guilty. You can wind up in jail and you’ll have a criminal conviction on your record. This could prevent you from getting that dream job or an approval for a loan for that dream house.

However, it is possible to fight your charges and avoid these devastating consequences. By contacting an experienced DUI attorney, you have a chance to get your life back on track and move on from this terrible ordeal. If you get arrested, contact a lawyer as soon as you can.

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