NJ Woman Arrested for DWI Wearing Only a Leather Jacket



Catherine Giaquinto, a 36-year-old Sparta, New Jersey resident, was arrested for a DWI. Police were called after reports of someone driving into a wall and the driving away. Giaquinto was found driving nearby with damage to her car that was consistent with that report.

When she was pulled over officers noticed she was only wearing an unzipped leather jacket. Giaquinto told officers she had no recollection of the accident, and did not know where she was going. According to officers, she was slurring her words and was incoherent, at times. One officer, noticing clothing in her car, asked her to get dressed and step out of her vehicle. After 10 minutes, she emerged from her vehicle with her dress on – inside out and backwards.

Giaquinto was unable to stand for her field sobriety test, so she was arrested. Currently, she is charged with driving while intoxicated, refusal to submit to a breath test, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to report an accident, careless driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, and documentation violation.

According to New Jersey DWI laws, Giaquinto faces fines, jail time, and driver’s license consequences, if convicted of driving while intoxicated. The other charges will, no doubt, add more penalties.

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