State Troopers Broadcast DUI Arrests on Twitter


Washington State Troopers were so concerned about the number of DUI arrests they made this weekend; they took to Twitter to broadcast their frustrations, and try to deter people from driving under the influence. Over 55 offenders were arrested this Presidents’ Day weekend in the state of Washington.

One woman in particular was incredibly lucky, according to state troopers. Her car was airborne, following a crash on a rural road, and landed among the trees. She was trapped for hours before anyone realized her car was stuck.

“Apparently this driver is a hard learner. It’s not her first DUI. … Use a designated driver, take a taxi, call a friend, make another choice.” State Trooper Guy Gill posted on twitter following the arrest of the 29-year-old woman.

Another Washington resident was arrested after officers found him driving the wrong direction on Highway 101. That driver thought he was on a different freeway in a different part of the state.

Holiday weekends are often a time for get-togethers, barbecuing and having a few drinks. If you’re going to partake in the good times, don’t drink and drive. Take the time to plan ahead for a designated driver, or use a taxi for your drive home. DUIs are expensive, whether you fight them yourself or hire a DUI defense attorney.

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