Top Five Crazy DUI Stories of the Week

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Here’s a weekly roundup of stories that caught our attention.

1.) From American Pie to American DUI – Chris Klein can now add “repeat offender” to his resume.

2.) Thomas Kinkade? More like Thomas CLINKade – Okay, pretend that terrible pun never happened. Either way, the favorite artist amongst most Motel 6 interior designers got a DUI this week.

3.) Even Mobsters Can’t Escape DUI Enforcement – Joseph Gannascoli, known for playing Vito Spatafore on The Sopranos, was arrested in Tampa early this morning for drunken driving. Hopefully the jail cafeteria has heaping amounts of baked ziti.

4.) Did You Hear the One about Three Drunk People and a Goat? – Believe it or not, a Bedford County woman was pulled over for reckless driving and police found a goat in her trunk. She claimed the goat was a present for her fellow passengers in the car. How thoughtful…

5.) Guy Inadvertently Turns Himself In – A Tempe, AZ man called 911 in regards to a fight he was having with his wife. Apparently, his DUI warrant slipped his mind and police took him in for drunken driving.

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AZ Rules on Marijuana DUI Laws

04/22/14 10:55 PM

Arizona’s high court ruled today (April 22, 2014) that drivers who have a secondary marijuana metabolite on their system cannot be charged with a DUI based solely on that piece of evidence. Prosecutors had argued that any trace of marijuana …

Florida Rep Arrested for DUI

04/22/14 7:53 PM

Florida State Representative Dane Eagle was arrested for a DUI in Tallahassee on Monday, April 21, 2014. He was arrested outside of a Taco Bell drive-thru. Police pulled Eagle over after they witnessed him pulled out of a Taco Bell …

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